What medium do you use? At the moment, most of my work is created in pen and ink. If you thought it might have been watercolour, that's understandable. Ink can be blended in a similar manner to watercolour. It is a more labour intensive process, but using ink allows me to create with vibrant colours.

What sizes are your images? Presently my smallest images are 6" x 8" and my largest are 18" x 24"... although I am hoping to do some truly monstrous sizes sketching at 30" x 40"!

What paper do you use for your originals? Most of my work is done on 140 lb cold pressed watercolour paper with a mixture of cotton and wood fibre. This paper holds the ink well, and has a lovely texture that provides added depth to my images.

I only see a few of your original works listed as available for sale. How come? To my great surprise, my work seems to have garnered a fair amount of attention. My images have been very well received and at times sell within hours of my sharing them on social media. 

Do you only sketch West Vancouver? Although I live in West Vancouver and much of my work is focused on my home town, in 2024 I will also be looking to focus on North Vancouver and perhaps a little bit of Vancouver proper.

Do you offer prints? Yes. My prints are of the highest quality, using museum grade paper and archival quality inks. They have the look and feel of an original work and will maintain vibrant colour for decades to come when properly cared for. 

Do you ship your work? At the moment I am not able to offer shipping. All orders are either for local pickup, or in some cases I am able to deliver your work personally.

Does your work come framed? Some of my pieces are framed, but most are not. A good frame can greatly add to a piece, but framing is also a matter of personal taste. 

Do you accept commissions? Yes. Please reach out to me and we can discuss your project and we can explore if I would be a good fit.

Would you be interested in having your work displayed? Yes. However, at the moment demand for my work is high and my inventory is low as a result. Presently I am beginning work on a new series of sketches about North Vancouver and I would love to find a space for them to be exhibited. If you operate a gallery space and would be interested in showing my work please feel free to leave me a message and I would be delighted to chat with you.