'Everyday magic' - 6"x9" pen and ink  $150  (framed)

The Elbow Room Cafe - 7"x10" pen and ink. $175 

My best memory of the Elbow Room Cafe? ❤☕🍽 ❤ On my very first visit I was coming in the front door when I got knocked flat by 2 tourists leaving the cafe in a huff. 🤬 I suspect they had only just arrived... but I think that they got more than they had bargained for! I’m 95% sure that they lacked a fundamental understanding of what the Elbow Room was all about, and I'm 100% certain that they lacked a particular sense of humor. 

 Going to the Elbow Room... you had to know what you were in for. 

The place was only slightly larger than a postage stamp and could seat 20... with synchronized breathing. There was always a lineup on the weekends... and then there was the sign on the wall which read: Food and service is our name, but ABUSE is our game! 

 That was a large part of what made the place so popular. Yes, the food was excellent and the portions gargantuan (if you didn’t finish your meal then out would come the tin can for you to donate to the Loving Spoonful charity)... but it was the good natured abuse that would be hurled at you with a wink and a smile that made the place so special. “Get your own d@mn coffee” was a refrain heard many times when somebody asked for a refill... and heaven help you if you asked for decaf... 

 And honestly? It was wonderful... the cafe had a unique voice that was playful and authentic. Owners Patrice, Brian and their staff really created something more than just a great breakfast scene... they created a small world in a big city that became a part of the fabric of the West End. 

I was sad to learn that Brian passed away several years ago, and I understand that Patrice made the difficult decision to close the restaurant’s doors a few years back after a wonderful, decades-long run as a restauranteur. You don’t find a lot of places like the Elbow Room these days... places with great food, great community and great vibe. Heck, these days it sometimes feels like a challenge to even find places great service, and I guess that shouldn’t be surprising... Because at the heart of great service... you will always find those who serve with great heart. 

 Thank you Elbow Room, for decades of serving us from the heart and for giving us so many great memories! 

 You are loved and missed. ❤

'Hardy's' 6"x9" pen and ink - $100. 

Question - what was your favorite candy 🍫 AND favorite store to buy it at when you were growing up?

Part of the right of passage through any childhood used to involve those summer trips to the corner store, with pockets full of change that you saved up to buy some treats with your friends. Back then there was a corner store like this one in most neighborhoods. This is Hardy's in North Vancouver, right near the Cleveland Dam - no idea how many generations of kids have gone there, but that number has got to be getting up there.

These types of stores were usually just an old 🏡 in the neighborhood that someone had converted (and probably lived on top of), and honestly? They were great! As a kid I loved these trips to the store with my buddies. Back then comic books were 25 cents and you could even get some candies at 2 for a penny - these were the ones that usually weren't of the highest quality - but when you are a kid, it's all about volume!

My friends and I would actually make a whole day out of it - we'd spend an hour or 2 collecting bottles first, and then we would load up on candy with all that recycling money! Mmm... the freedom to roam around the neighborhood unsupervised and eat piles of 💩- today if I let my kids do that I'm almost 100% sure that someone would be reporting me to the ministry of Children and Families for neglect of some form or another, but those were great independent days, and I think most of us turned out ok despite all of the red dye number 5 we ingested and goodness knows what else that were in those pop rocks that I devoured! 😉 (my favorite candy)
'Il Giardino' 7"x10" pen and ink. $150.[sold]

I was thinking about the old Umberto‘s Restaurant Il Giardino that used to be over on Hornby Street. 🏡That was such a cool old character home situated amongst all that development. The place didn’t have a view, but back in its heyday the 🍷🍝 and the terrace🌷🪻🌹 were amazing.

When the property got slated for development, I believe the laneway home attached to the restaurant was moved over to the Mole Hill area, but I’ve got to wonder... back when the restaurant was still standing, just how many birthdays, anniversaries and weddings would that place have seen?

I remember it was one of the very first fancy places I ever took my wife to, so I thought I would sketch it for her and maybe bring back some happy memories. ❤ Anyone else got any memories of Umbertos?
'The Guerilla Gardener' - 12"x18" pen and ink. $600. ❤🪻🌷🌸 

If you’ve recently wandered around Edgemont Village, you may have come across this curious little back-alley oasis. This spot is on an unused lot that someone has converted into a makeshift garden and public space by means of combining an artistic vision that utilizes a curious collection of dilapidated lawn furniture, a wide assortment of old vehicle tires, some old potted plants that seemingly refuse to die, and a menagerie of other quirkily repurposed items.

My feelings on this ‘guerilla effort’ at urban beautification are mixed. At times... like during the ‘wet dog days’ of February, this space can look pretty junky and threadbare. However, once Spring has arrived and Summer is on the Horizon? The place begins to display a quirky charm that both appeals to my appreciation for ‘random acts of beautification’ and reveals the poetry in the soul of the unknown curator and caretaker of what would otherwise be a forgotten space.

I’m not sure that I have fully come to appreciate my own feelings about this unique little spot, but what has become clear to me is that this spot has become a part of the neighborhood’s fabric... and I’m reasonably certain that the neighborhood is just a little bit more interesting as a result. ❤🪻🌷🌸
Vancouver, You're Beautiful

‘Vancouver, You’re Beautiful’ ❤12”x18” Pen and Ink - $700

One of the things that makes the Greater Vancouver Area so special is that we are seemingly surrounded by rivers and oceans. Makes for a tough commute with all the bridge traffic🚙🚎🚑, but at least you’ve got something beautiful to look at while you’re stuck in rush hour.

When I was growing up, my mom took our sister everywhere on the North Shore transit system. It couldn’t have been easy with 2 small kids in tow, and I definitely didn’t make it any easier on her.

My mom believed that, seeing as we were surrounded by water, it was essential that her kids learn how to swim 🏊‍♀️at a young age. So, one summer she decided to sign me up for swimming lessons. Seems like a good idea, right? Problem was, all the lessons at the local pool were full – so she had to sign me up for lessons at the pool just off of Lonsdale, which was a multi-bus trip there… 🚎🚎🚎and back. 🚎🚎🚎The other problem was I refused to go. 🛑🛑🛑

I was terrified of the pool. It was big and noisy and crowded… oh, and then there was the water… I was petrified of the deep end, and our instructor had told us that next week we would be swimming in that end of the pool. At the ripe old age of 6ish(?) I decided, ‘that wasn’t happening’ and thus began the greatest series of games of hide and seek ever played between a kid and an irate parent.

Such was my desire to avoid the deep end of the pool that my 6 year old brain developed some truly fiendish hiding spots… including the bottom of the laundry hamper... and inside the cloths drier…And while my mom would eventually find me, I had realized that all I had to do was stay hidden long enough that we would miss our bus, and I think the score was something like ‘kid – 4, irate mother - 0’… that is until my mother got smart.

One morning she got me ready early, let me hide, waited 10 minutes, and then told me that we had missed the bus. When I popped up like a grinning gopher from behind the couch she shouted ‘Gotcha!’ and literally carried me under her arm out the door to get to our bus stop on time. And I’m pretty certain that she must have been feeling pretty smug about things as the bus pulled out into traffic with us halfway down the isle… that is, right until, in the middle of the bus, I ‘might’ have possibly said (at the top of my lungs): ‘YOU’RE NOT MY MOTHER!!!’ and ‘I DON’T KNOW YOU!!!’ and possibly a few other phrases that we had just learned the week prior at school during a lesson on ‘stranger danger’.

Needless to say, we DIDN’T make it to swimming lessons that day either. And I’m pretty sure that I may be going to hell for that little stunt. But it did all work out ok in the end… I did eventually learn how to swim, my mom did grudgingly forgive me, and at some point long after that... my mom and I were both FINALLY allowed back on public transit.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. To you and to every mom everywhere – you all have the heart and the patience of a saint, and there is no one who is more dear in our hearts. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

'Dear Vancouver' - 7"x10" Pen and Ink $200

Prospect Point 1

Prospect Point 1 - 12x18 inches - Pen and Ink. $600

'Gardening and Hope' - 7"x10" Pen and Ink $200

[Sold] ‘Quiet and Connected’ 12”x18” Pen and Ink. $600 [sold]

[Sold] The Silk Purse and the Meaning of Life – 7”x10” pen and ink $200

The Black Cat - 9"x12" Pen and Ink $300

[Sold] ‘Amalfi Coast’ - 7”x10” Pen and Ink $200

'Treehouse' - 6"x9" pen and ink. $175

"Street Life" - 7"x10" pen and ink. $200

"Remote and Still" 7"x10" - Pen and Ink $200.

Lower Lonsdale - 7"x10" pen and ink. $250

[Sold] 'The Shire' - 20"x26" with simple white frame. $1650. Showing at West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

Crossing - 14"x11" Simple white frame and matting. $425. Showing @ West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

A Light in the Park - 23"x29" White italian wood frame, uv resistant glass and matting $1200. Showing @ The Silk Purse Gallery in West Vancouver Jan 10th through Feb 4th.

Pages from a Book - 14"x11" Simple white frame and matting. $525. Showing @ West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

Our Town - 19" x 25" Simple white frame. $1650. Showing @ West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

Horseshoe Bay - 18" x 24" White wooden frame w mat. $950. Showing @ West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

Growing Community - 21' x 17" Black wooden frame w mat. $575. Showing @ West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

Final Visit - 14"x11" Simple white frame with mat. $375. Showing @ West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

Lost in the Moment - 14"x11" Simple white frame and mat. $450. Showing @ West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

Lest We Forget - 7" x 10" $200.

Granville Island 9" x 12" $375

Unexpected Surprise - 14"x11" framed and matted $450. Showing @ West Vancouver City Hall Feb through April.

22nd and Marine 8" x 6" $150

View of UBC 7" x 10" $200